Hello food-lovers!

Welcome to my blog. My love affair with food started with mom pampering me and my sister with whatever we wanted. And, we both being big foodies, we’ve had bites of the yummiest chicken and gooiest chocolate in town!

Recently I have started to try various Korean recipes and yes, the first thing I could successfully make was the famous spicy Kimchi !


Kimchi is a Korean fermented side dish with great seasonings. The flavors I already knew and loved… and to top it preparing this recipe in my own kitchen made them even more delicious to me! But my first encounter with fermented Korean Kimchi was when I started watching K-dramas (Korean TV series). Wow, the colors were vibrant and the taste seemed so much more intense and peppery. I quickly grew to love this slightly pungent traditional fermented food.

Traditional Kimchi is made of Napa cabbage, but I followed Narendra Modi’s formula , ‘Make in India’ 😉 and made a few changes in the original recipe.

Soooo, here is a simple recipe loaded with iconic Kimchi flavors which will explode your taste buds with Korean pickles!!


1 large cabbage (approx. 900 gms), 3-4 chopped green onions, 1 big carrot (julienne cut), ½ cup garlic (minced), ¼ cup Salt, ¼cup Red chili powder, 1 Tbsp Sugar, Sesame seeds, ¼ cup fish sauce (optional)

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-15 at 06.40.55 (1).jpeg


1. Cut the cabbage lengthwise into quarters. Then chop them into bite size pieces (small pieces)

2. Wash the cabbage thoroughly. Rinse & drain the cabbage atleast thrice to ensure that the cabbage is clean

3. Soak them in salt water for atleast 1 ½ hour .(Soaking the pieces in water assists the salting process) Turn the cabbage over every 30 minutes

4. Mix chopped green onions, carrot and garlic with Red chili powder. Add sugar as well

5. Rinse and drain the cabbage

6. Mix the spicy vegetable mix with cabbage

7. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the Kimchi


Kimchi final.png

Do try it out and let me know if you like it. 🙂